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    our flexible range of
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    16 years of development and
    design experience for over 150 clients
    throughout Scotland and the UK

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  • Database and Management
    Information Systems

    Building a management system for
    your data needs know-how
    and insight into best solutions
    to fit your needs.

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  • Digital Marketing Services,
    SEO and promotion

    Creating the visibility and impact your
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    From advice to guide you
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    through to full managed packages,
    we have you covered!

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Why Use 1st Class Media?

Our valuable experience with application development from simple start-up businesses through to complex business-critical multi-user applications gives us the toolkit of resource to deliver your project each and every time.

We know the challenges which face every one of the clients we have dealt with and consider your needs when it comes to creating a solution that fits your requirements. If you need a mobile application or an online shop we know how to spec up the project and, more importantly, work with you and your team to ensure what you want is what you need.

We have a small central team but employ a wider set of freelance specialist programmers should your project be large or include complex elements which require knowledgeable web developers. But we don't stop there! If you are looking for marketing skills or promotion of you website in major search engines - consider us. We have dozens of clients who have called on our services and are surprised at the positive outcomes they have experienced. However if you are looking a quick fix to get your website positioned on the first page of Google within a week, please don't contact us - we're not fly by night /promise you the earth SEO wannabes. We take time and work closely with our clients to ensure that we are working coherently and in the same direction to get you to a stable and consistent position. Be prepared to pay for this service, not as expensive as others in our business but we do get results and have a clean conscience knowing that we are doing everything ethically and correctly!

Cost-effective solution delivery

We are located in Midlothian, we don't have expensive city centre costs to cover and we pass these onto you when it comes to project development and delivery.

Specialists for your needs

Our team comprises technical business consultants, developers, designers, programmers and content managers so we bring the right people for the job.

Ideas, Thoughts and Solutions

Business people come to us with great ideas, often we contribute to the idea and develop the final product with much more value than the basic idea started with. This comes from listening and always consideing not just a solution, but the greater value we can deliver to you and your idea

Giving your idea the rocket fuel to boost it

If you have an idea, don't worry about the "this might sound like a stupid question/idea" - there are no such things (with some exceptions naturally!). We treat all new ideas for applications with the same consideration and respect and we will be honest, but if your idea is a great one, we will do all we can to help you achieve it

Client Feedback

1st Class Media worked closely with us to create the website for our research centre (the University of Edinburgh Centre for Cardiovascular Science). They have put in place a content management system that allows our administrators to manage the content of our pages quickly and easily. We are very pleased with the final product as it allows us to communicate well internally, with scientists elsewhere, and with the general public. Good communication is essential in science and our website helps us with this

Dr Donald Dunbar, Head of Bioinformatics University of Edinburgh

Random Thoughts

Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.

Bill Gates