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Website Usability & Functionality Research

Helping your research or pilot study with experienced eyes

Placing your website at the forefront can often bring surprises such as issues with usability, navgiation and accessibility. Whilst the hard and fast rules for website design technically are fairly well adhered to, the equally important factors of accomodating your user base are frequently glossed over.


Website usability even from the basic "how do I get there from here" navigation through to the fully featured text alternatives, audio output versions for the visually impaired users to your website has to be thought out carefully.


1st Class Media have been involved in focus groups and market research studies aimed at the final output: creating a document addressing the issues from a usability perspective but also with a handle on the technical requirements in getting the design features implemented. Often research projects yield subjective and non-technical results which are poorly transferable to the technical developers.



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