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Bespoke development services

SMS Messaging

If your website or application requires the facility to send or recieve SMS messages we can help. We developed applications which can send out predefined messages, interrogate inbound messages to search databases or create subscription notifications by SMS to name a few.


We are a partner with Mobifi one the UK's leading mobile technology providers and work with their developers creating XML applications which interact seamlessly with their messaging gateway.


Dynamic PDF generation

If your website needs to create nicely paged documents for printing (i.e. property schedules or mailshots) we can design the perfect solution using our bespoke deisgn and build PDF system. Utilising the PDF component developed by MIT Data in Spain, we can dynamically populate PDF documents from data stored within databases and build up multi-page mailshots which in turn may be designed specifically for your company


WAP portals

The 3G revolution is here and with the price of data packages coming down all the time, you may want to consider building a website to work with your current full site so that mobile browsers can use a trimmed down version which can now feature smaller full color images as the resolution of mobile phones and PDAs increase.


The key to developing wireless web applications is determining the basic information which would make it useful for all visitors and this boils down to file size and usability. If you would like to discuss your WAP development needs please get in touch


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