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Social Media Management in Edinburgh & Midlothian

Facebook, Twitter & Linked In Management for Small Businesses

Social Media Management

If you would like to explore the social media environment, get someone else to take on the management of your Facebook and Twitter accounts or simply know you should be doing "something" with this new fangled Social Network malarkey then we're the team for you.


Weekly Management

Updating your social networks through our internal team isn't a chore, we simply review what's happening in your market sector, have a brief chat with you or your administration leader and assemble informative and engaging content for the forthcoming week. We can offer reports on every stage of the process, who's "liking" you, where you information is being "re-tweeted" and many other metrics depending on how much you need to know.


Sounds Expensive

It's not that costly to get started with us, we offer flexible terms with monthly contracts, and we can tailor an introductory package for you depending on what you need.

If you would like to discuss your social media needs please get in touch


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