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Search Engine Optimisation, what's it about?
Put simply, the web has undergone unprecedented growth in the past 5-10 years with the number of web pages now available is far in excess of 1010 single pages. This makes the issue of searching for relevant content correspondingly difficult and as search engines need to display relevant results on their SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) they need to know where the pages reside.


If the pages on the web all had markers or flags telling the search engines where to find them it would be easier. Sadly this isn't the case, many pages on the web aren't looked at by search engines bots or spiders (the tools search engines use to find all the pages on the web, they typically traverse links from page to page thus creating a "map" or "web" of pages and send the data back to their homes) hence the need for search engine optimisation.


Google, Yahoo and MSN have an array of automated robots which seek pages and store them within the massive directory stores at their respective locations, so that when you search "fishing in greenland" your search will be cross-referenced against their cached versions of pages, many of which will have had some form of search engine optimisation performed.


By making your pages the authority on your given subject, your site and pages will be positioned favourably, there are a few key things to bear in mind when doing search engine optimisation yourself which we discuss in a developer article here


OK, Number 1 in Google and Yahoo then?

Seriously? No. No single company will guarantee you position 1 in Google or Yahoo (between them they have 90% of the search engine market share) and the real reason for never guaranteeing the prime position is that the formula or algorithm used by the major search engines is updated/refined/altered on a periodic basis and several factors play a part in search engine marketing & optimisation.


So what will you do?

We will take your site, analyse the keyword structures, density of phrases and deploy pages which will be carefully structured for search engine optimisation for the appropriate heading and title tags. We then do "our stuff" with the search engines and hopefully within a few weeks your site will begin the climb up the rankings.


Is that it?

No. Your website cannot simply sit there for months at a time as your competition or other sites may emerge which can leapfrog their way over your site thereby forcing you down the SERPS. We can revisit your website as often as is necessary to enable us to review and update your web pages for variations of keywords thus enabling search engines to see fresh content when they pass by your site again.


OK, where do we go from here?

Give us a call. If you have a website which needs search engine optimisation, we can offer a range of tariffs, or would like us to look at a new website package for you, why not call us on the telephone number at top of the page and organise further meeting thereafter. You can also request a free quote from our online enquiry form


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