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Desktop database developments

Database developments, an overview

If your company has a mountain of paper filing or you find it difficult to manage your orders, or simply need a little database to manage your stock or invoicing then you may benefit from a database.


A database, developed by the right developer will grow with you and can help you save 25% of the time it normally takes to add information in that Excel file, print off a duplicate, send that there, that there etc etc. It used to be that databases were behemoths of applications with hideous forms and required training and knowledge before using them. Fortunately we develop databases from the users perspective, so we know how the forms should work, and how the data should flow through the database. We don't guess how this works, we get all the ideas from you. From careful consideration we formulate the best structure based upon meetings with the staff who will be using the database.


The scope of the database systems we develop varies enormously and with clients such as:


But we have loads of data to enter and don't have the resources to add it!

We can do it, we have staff who deal with this all the time and have dealt with a variety of information. We can also sign confidentiality & non-disclosure agreements so you can rest assured that we act in a professional manner with your data.


OK, where do we go from here?

Give us a call. If you are an IT company or an end-user we can have a preliminary chat on the telephone and organise a further meeting thereafter. You can also request a free quote from our online form


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