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Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation clients

So who do we work for and what kind of results do we get?

We have a variety of clients from major national organisations seeking to get a better visibility within a slightly diverse marketplace to the one they currently occupy. An example of this would be Lothian Helicopters, they have a considerable presence within the Edinburgh and Central Scotland areas. Now they have an extended fleet of helicopters and locations across the UK, have begun the efforts to enhance their presence in the North of England, LOndon, Wales and Northern Ireland. Rather than take the necessary steps to extend their current presence on the Lothian Helicopters website, they are starting from scratch with helitours ( a new brand and name. We are working closely with them to build their online marketing using PPC (Pay per click) advertising campaigns and developing the necessary strategies for linking and building content carefully centred around content relevence and keyword research.


What about high-density marketplaces?

We have a number of clients who work within complicated and already very dense marketplaces, including property, recruitment and legal sectors. The key to the success for these clients again is diversity. By looking at the keywords specific to thie industries we can determine the net worth of using specific descriptions and keywords unique to these clients and thus drive very specific high quality visitors to these websites.


An example of this would be Omega Resources (, one of our latest clients who specialise in the oil and gas recruitment sector, with a lot of offshore jobs in the UK and abroad. In conjucntion with creating the new website for Omega we are also involved with an ongoing marketing campaign to enhance the flow of quality visitors to the website.

Client list

Simply Airlines - cheap airfare and discount travel

Recruitment Zone - IT, finance and retail vacancies

Omega Lifts - Installation, service & maintenance of passenger/ freight lifts

Border Studio - Theatre scenery, backcloths and theatrical properties

Create the Future - Leadership training and executive coaching

Omega Resources - Onshore, Offshore Oil, subsea and platform jobs

Digital & Litho Printer in Edinburgh, Midlothian

KTwo Products -Stationery Gifts, Family Calendars, Organisers


Latest Project

gearing for growth executive coaching in Edinburgh
Gearing for Growth

Leadership and executive coaching and strategy planning
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