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Centre for Cardiovascular Science

National Centre of Excellence at Edinburgh University


To create an interactive website which would allow for management of seminars, lectures and publication listings from the 4 main collaborative groups which comprise the Edinburgh Centre for Cardiovascular Science


Budget & Development Scale: Medium Scale Development



ASP, XML, CSS, Javascript & SSI


Development Synopsis (Technical Information):

The system developed by 1st Class Media was created with a view to extensibility and the ability to grow with the organisation as the Centre expands in number and complexity.


A database-driven site allowed key staff members to manage publication lists, staff records, seminars and lectures and the general website content all as part of the general administration system. The publication manager enables an annual rollover of publications and groups archived publications into the database.





Case Study



Comments from CVS Staff:

"1st Class worked closely with us to create the web site for our research centre (the University of Edinburgh Centre for Cardiovascular Science). They have put in place a content management system that allows our administrators to quickly and easily manage the content of our pages. We are very pleased with the final product as it allows us to communicate well internally, with scientists elsewhere, and with the general public. Good communication is essential in science and our web site helps us with this."

Dr Donald Dunbar
Head of Bioinformatics
University of Edinburgh


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