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Case Study - Core-Asset Consulting

Edinburgh Recruitment Agency



Core-Asset Consulting are a leading recruitment agency dealing with pro-active recruitment within the finance sector.


The website is underpinned by a database system which handles CVs, SMS alerts and the application process for vacancies posted through the website.


Budget & Development Scale: Medium Scale Development



ASP, XML, SMS messaging, Javascript & SSI


Development Synopsis (Technical Information):

The system is designed to allow a comprehensive search system and auto-removes vacancies from an imposed end date managed by the staff at Core-Asset. .


The whole system is managed from a logged administration console which allows the staff to work from a single unified system thus preventing duplication of effort and providing a useful and single portal for information storage and retrieval.


The essence of the Core-Asset website is to open a channel of communication between potential candidates and the recruitment staff within Core Asset thus enabling the throughput of vacancies on the site







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