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Web Design for Charities

Featured Charitable organisation website design

Charity websites are frequently run on a limited budget and really are the unsung heroes of the web. By promoting the good work the charities do they need to deliver up to date and informative information about their missions and we at 1st Class Media help out wherever we can, we run 2-3 charities websites as pro-bono clients and maintain email and databases as part of our company charity policy.


Charity Case Study -

Mike Devenney Scholarship,

Trust fund set up by the family of Mike Devenney to aid disabled students by offering scholarship bursaries.


Comments from client:

"Having been charged with the task of building a website for a newly established Trust I turned to a voluntary sector colleague for recommendations and was fortunate enough to be pointed in the direction of 1st Class Media.
The final product is first class in all aspects but their strength lies not just in design and execution but in their planning and liaison with clients.  Our tailor made product fits all our needs and the follow up service and support has been faultless. I could not recommend them more highly."

Celine Sinclair, Mike Devenney Trust co-Founder



Other examples of Charitable Applications developed by 1st Class Media.

  1. Gorebridge Community Development Trust
  2. Scottish Kennel Club , National Organisation in Scotland
  3. Scottish Mining Museum Trust, National Coal Mining Centre



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