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Website development is what we do, is it for you?

The difference between website designers and web developers? Developers make web designs work! (written by a developer then) However trite the statement it is true, websites which look nice seldom have the basic functionality behind them and the ones that do can cost the earth from major marketing houses and design agencies.


We look at each and every project through impartial and unbiased eyes, each project and idea is taken apart and then reassembled with your help. We hear stories of people and businesses having websites developed with little or no contact from the design team or the developers and find it incredulous that something which is effectively the world's eyes into your business can be created without at least 2 or 3 meetings.


Our approach is carefully structured to gauge the following:


1. Do you need a website?

We have businesses who come to us and say that they need a website. In reality, small local businesses who get most of their business from either passing trade or from the 'phone book may not see any tangiable benefit from the expense of getting a website. Occasionally we, rather bizarrely, find ourselves in the position of saying "erm, you don't need a website, invest in a bigger Yellow Pages advert and you'll get more business that way" . Without being blase sometimes it all people need to hear.

2. Do you have any logo or colours that you use?

Consistency. If you already have an established look, colour scheme or feel to your indentity or corporate brand then we don't reinvent the wheel. We use effective versions or web-safe colours to get your message across.

3. What do you want to say?

Often the message can be confusing and convoluted which is where our copywriting assistance comes in - each of our projects is budgeted for a number of pages of useful, optimised content which allows you to worry less about what you are going to write, simply give us what you have and we will meet up with you and give you written content which can be used on your website, press releases and advertisements.

4.How soon do you want it?

As soon as possible. OK, this common answer is fine but any reliable and honest web developer will tell you that most basic sites take a minimun for 4 weeks to assemble and complex application-lead sites (like e-Commerce and e-Business websites) may take up to 3 months to complete. One of the limiting factors is client feedback, this can be in the form of copy required to generate pages or simply a comprehensive report of findings, likes and dislikes - the longer the client takes to come back, the longer the development takes.

5.What if I want to update it?

Now you are in our domain, we pride ourselves on creating a finished product which will allows the client to be in control at all times. By handing the control over to the client, the narrative and image content may be updated at any time and specific items like news, events, vacancies, sale items, products may be controlled at an individual level. For more information about our Content Management System, click here


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