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Our Associates

Who we work with and why

We have developed a comprehensive array of associates, some of whom work directly with us on client projects, others we refer clients onto. In either case we use the associates primarily because of 3 factors; professionalism, quality of service and honesty, we would deal with any client with the assumption that we want then to retain us for future work and it makes no sense to refer a client to a supplier or service provider of who we no little or nothing.


Our associates are all linked to the design and IT service sectors and underpin what we are aiming to achieve - the best final product for the client.


1st Class Media are foremost web design and development specialists, we don't offer major corporate rebranding or a network installation, but we know people who do and we've used them!


IT Support & specialist network solutions

Onestop ITS

Based in the same business park as 1st Class Media, Onestop ITS have a wealth of knowledge of remote support, small business support and offer a very personal service to all sectors. If you have a single PC or 100 networked terminals give them a call,

Ally Hollins-Kirk 0131 5100 100



Search Engine Specialists

SEO Edinburgh

Scott Heron has assisted us with a number of projects providing excellent support to our core provision of Search Engine Marketing and is established as an expter within this field. With the ever increasing number of rubbish we all get inundated with it's highly preferable to find someone recommended based on results!


Copywriting & Editing Service

Watchwords, Edinburgh Copywriting & copy editing service

Andrew Moore offers an editing and writing service for content which may be used on numerous media forms. Andrew has helped our clients write copy for websites, press releases and magazine articles. With a journalism background, Andrew has written major magazines and periodicals as well as newspapers such as The Scotsman.

Andrew Moore 0131 664 3584



James Crawford

James is a highly professional high quality commercial photographer and can provide a superb addition to any of our projects. Having proven the worth of getting a "real" photographer on board for a series of shots which go far beyond a simple website porfolio, James is the perfect solution!


Karen Hastings Photography

Karen is a lovely person and is a very good portrait photographer. Her relaxed approach enables us to recommend her for personnel or family photographs as she can bring real life into any photo shot and make the sitting or staff gallery more than the usual shots you see. Her family shots are also excellent quality and are a fraction of the usual commercial family photographers...


Marketing and Business Consultancy

Anna Devine PR

Anna Devine is a highly experienced and very useful person to know if you are looking for any PR performed for your business. Her background in commercial PR establishes her as the first point of contact when embarking on any new project, she will get the ball rolling for you.

07837 871 322




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